S/V Wanderer



Upcoming Voyages


San Juan Islands
Spring 2019

Beginning in the spring we will be heading north to the San Juan islands for several long weekend getaways.

Vancouver and Inside Passage
Fall 2019

With Vancouver so near and easy access to the inside passage who can resist a little Canadian cruising. Not sure how far North we will get but time allowing Ketchikan AK would be a nice round trip goal.

Circumnavigation of Vancouver Island
Summer 2020

With a distance of around 750 Nautical miles and endless bays and inlets to explore a 2 month time frame should be enough time to have a leisurely passage but leave enough mystery to want a return trip someday.



Who What Where and When, wouldn’t be much of a story without them.


Refit & Projects

With any boat there are going to be projects, but a 50 yr old girl is going to need some work. Fortunately Lars is a skilled fabricator and enjoys taking on a challenge.


Explore Nature

Both former SCUBA Instructors Nicole and Lars share a fondness for nature and a particular love of the sea and its amazing variety. Nicole is drawn to all the little creatures that might otherwise escape notice. Nudibranchs and Seahorse are among her favorites and the Leafy Sea-Dragon is a must find when we near those waters. Lars is a wreck and wall explorer with Bikini Atoll toping his list of go to destination dives. Truck Lagoon is certainly on the horizon as well.

Honu and Marine Life in Hawaii.jpg


Whats teh point in exploration if you arent going to try new things, food included. From gourmet cuisine to our own shipboard fare we will have a gastric journey to match our seaward one.


Reserve Your Adventure

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